"A Healthy Spirit in a Healthy Body"

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'Touch is essential for every human being.
Without touch, we feel isolated and we wither.
It only makes sense that a treatment designed
to improve your health should include positive touch,
such as massage therapy.'
- Christine Gabriele Scheu, LMT

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    Everyone should get a massage at least once a month; the world would be a better place!

    Christine Gabriele Scheu LMT, Tallahassee, Florida, 850-566-0010 mail@cgscheu.com

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    We are constantly surrounded by harmful computer and cellphone emissions. The positive ions
    which come from our electronics are aggressively seeking to balance themselves with negative ions.
    If we were using these electronics while standing outside barefoot surrounded by nature's healthy
    negative ions there would be an easy balance found. BUT in our modern lifestyle we have very little negative (earth) ions around us and the
    positive ions will seek out the next organic matter which is our bodies. They will literally
    etch away at our bodies to seek balance. Rather than being stressed over EMF lets bring more nature and grounding back into our lives.
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    Life Is Better With Your VibesUP!

  • State of Ease


    In these stressful times it is more than ever important to stay in the 'flow' and be in a peaceful state of mind.
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    This International acclaimed film will change the way you think about your health.
    The Living Matrix is the first film to present the work of scientists from around the world whose
    research questions the exclusive role of biochemistry and genetics and reveals evidence that energy
    and information fields also control our health and well- being.
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